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Selected publications

Peer reviewed articles

Berthet, M., García Perez, J. A., Enokida, K., Tenorio, L., Kawashima, R. "The Culture Map: a useful tool for effective teamworking in small & diverse space projects?". Journal of Evolving Space Activities, Vol. 2, No. 127 (2024).

Berthet, M., Nakasuka, S., Cho, M., Suzuki, K. "Country-first domestic satellites: A family tree". Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol. 146 (2024).

Berthet, M., Corrado, R. "Review and comparison of three emerging regional space agencies: the African Space Agency, the Arab Space Coordination Group, and the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency". Space Policy (2024).

Berthet, M., García Perez, J. A., Enokida, K., Tenorio, L., Raj, R. "SEIMEI: Mission to Search for Life on Enceladus via Small Satellite with Solar Power Sail". Journal of Evolving Space Activities, Vol. 1, No. 100 (2023).


Berthet, M., Suzuki, K. "Sunflower mission concept for high-altitude earth observation in LEO via nanosatellite with pyramidal solar sail." Acta Astronautica, Vol. 213, pp. 516-536 (2023).

Berthet, M., Suzuki, K. "A Fast Analytical Prediction Method for Orbit-Attitude Performance of Solar Sails in LEO Including Air Drag and Eclipses". Journal of Evolving Space Activities, Vol. 1, No. 37 (2023).

Corrado, R., Berthet, M., Sakal, M. "Starlink for ASEAN: A Changemaker in the Race Toward Sustainable
Development?" Space Policy, Vol. 65, No. 101554 (2023).

Berthet, M., Suzuki, K. "Reverse Engineering of Perturbations in the Orbital Decay Environment from Nanosatellite TLEs". Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. 59, No. 1 (2022).

Srean, P., Sakal, M., Berthet, M., Srang, S. "Development of Orbital Simulator for Cambodian CubeSat Mission in LEO". Techno-Science Research Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 53-60 (2022).

Berthet, M., Yamada, K., Nagata, Y., Suzuki, K. "Feasibility Assessment of Passive Stabilisation for a Nanosatellite with Aeroshell Deployed by Orbit-Attitude-Aerodynamics Simulation Platform". Acta Astronautica, Vol. 173, No. 1, pp. 266-278 (2020).

Berthet, M., Suzuki, K. "Coupled Simulation of Passive Aerodynamic Stabilisation of a Nanosatellite During Orbital Decay". Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Aerospace Technology Japan, Vol. 18. No. 6, pp. 384-390 (2020).

Furlong, M., Bower, R. G., Crain, R. A., Schaye, J., Theuns, T., Trayford, J. W., Qu, Y., Schaller, M., Berthet, M. and Helly, J. C. "Size evolution of normal and compact galaxies in the EAGLE simulation". Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 465, No. 1, pp. 722-738 (2017).

News & blogs

Berthet, M. "Collaborative Indigenous Satellites: A Means of Growing the Southeast Asian Space Sector?" StraTechos, 14 December 2023. (link)

Berthet, M. "Aeroshell Technology - From LEO to Mars." ROOM: The Space Journal, Issue 4(22), pp. 90-93 (2019). (link)


Berthet, M. "A Study on the Dynamics of Sail Craft Combining Aerodynamics and Solar Radiation Pressure for Novel LEO Missions." University of Tokyo. July 2022.


Berthet, M. "Passive Aerodynamic Attitude Stabilisation of Small Satellites During the Return Trip to Earth." University of Tokyo. July 2019.

Berthet, M. "An Experimental and Computational Study to Optimise Fluid Forces for a New Type of Varying Clearance Turbomachinery Sealing Technology." University of Durham. June 2017.

Edited volumes

Verspieren, Q., Berthet, M., Coral, G., Nakasuka, S., Shiroyama, H. (Eds.). ASEAN Space Programs. Springer, Singapore, 2022.

Book chapters

Berthet, M. "Connecting Space with Citizens of ASEAN: A Social and Policy Ecosystem for Sustainable Space Development". In: Verspieren, Q., Berthet, M., Coral, G., Nakasuka, S., Shiroyama, H. (Eds.), ASEAN Space Programs. Springer, Singapore, pp. 177-198, Chapter 10, 2022.

Berthet, M., Verspieren, Q. "Other ASEAN Countries: Space Achievements So Far". In: Verspieren, Q., Berthet, M., Coral, G., Nakasuka, S., Shiroyama, H. (Eds.), ASEAN Space Programs. Springer, Singapore, pp. 143-164, Chapter 8, 2022.


Asia-Pacific Oceania Space Association. "APOSA Annual Report 2021/2022". Berthet, M., Paramasivam, S., Verspieren, Q., Joseph, A. (Eds.), 2022. (link)

I would be pleased to provide a full text of any of the above publications, upon reasonable request.

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